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am 30.05.2013
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Hearthstone - Jaina Proudmoore ArtworkIn den letzten Tagen gab es im offiziellen Hearthstone-Forum kaum Blueposts, doch das hat sich in der vergangenen Nacht nun geändert! Community Managerin Zeriyah hat zahlreiche (wirklich zahlreiche!) Spieler-Fragen beantwortet.

Verraten hat Zeriyah dabei u.a., dass das Team derzeit hart am nächsten Fireside-Duell arbeite. Zudem bestätigte sie, dass es einige Änderungen bei den farbigen Rahmen der einzelnen Klasse gegeben habe, sodass diese sich besser voneinander unterscheiden lassen.

Weiterhin ging sie auf zahlreiche Fragen ein, die die Spielmechaniken und die Eigenschaften einzelner Karten betreffen ein. Alle Fragen und die dazugehörigen Antworten von Zeriyah findest du direkt im Anschluss!

Wann kommt das nächste Fireside Duell?

Zitat von Zeriyah

When’s the next Fireside Duel?

We’re working on it – hang tight!

Verbesserungen bei Benennungen und Farben

Zitat von Zeriyah

Looking through card images, it’s not always visually obvious which class a particular card is restricted to. Especially class-specific minions.There is distinction via the colored border, but it’s subtle and ambiguous, especially to new players. There’s no need for that in a good UI. „It’s in the tooltip“ is fine for extended info, but this should be „first glance“ info.

There have been some changes made to the colored borders so they are more visually distinctive. Thank you for your feedback! 🙂

Zitat von Zeriyah

Mind Vision: Take a random card from your opponent’s hand.
Thoughtsteal: Copy 2 cards from your opponents deck and put them into your hand.Don’t you think names of these cards got mixed up? Mind Vision actually steals a card, and card could be percieved as „thought“ of your opponent. On the other hand, Thoughtsteal merely copies cards, which is more like looking into opponents mind.

In their current form, it would certainly make sense if the names were reversed! These cards and their wording are going to change to be a little different and a bit more clear.

Zitat von Zeriyah

@Zeriyah @Phenteo
How „spellpower“ will work on spells like [Arcane Missiles] or [blizzard]?[Arcane Missiles -Shoot 3 missiles at random enemies for 1 damage each.] If there is a [Malygos] in game [Arcane Missiles] caused three shots 6 damage each, or three shots with 5 damage divided among three shots?

[Blizzard – Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions and Freeze them.]

Spellpower will get improved wording. The intent of spellpower is to buff the total amount of damage done by spells. In the case of Arcane Missiles, Spellpower +1 would fire an additional missile for 1 damage, not buff each individual missile by 1. Spellpower does not affect healing.

Antworten auf Spielmechanik-Fragen

Zitat von Zeriyah

There are actually neutral or non-class specific cards that heal,Voodoo Doctor – Battlecry: Restore 2 Health.
Darkscale Healer – Battlecry: Restore 2 Health to all friendly characters.
Earthen Ring Farseer – Battlecry: Restore 3 Health.
Priestess of Elune – Battlecry: Restore 4 Health to your hero.

Since they don’t say restore health to minion, I assume the will heal the hero as well.

In the case of the Darkscale Healer and Priestess of Elune, which have specific targets associated with their healing, the Voodoo Doctor and the Earthen Ring Farseer are good ways to get healing into decks that don’t offer healing through spells. It’s important that every class not have the ability to do the exact same things, or else you lose that distinction between classes.

Zitat von Zeriyah

if i play [Pint-sized Summoner] —>The first minion you play each turn costs (2) less.
does the effect stacks if i play another [Pint-sized Summoner] or a other card with the same effect —>The first minion you play each turn costs (2) less.
—>The first minion you play each turn costs (4) less.???

Yes, two Pint Sized Summoners stack their effects.

Zitat von Zeriyah

Arcane Missiles: Are the targets decided before the missiles fire? Or can a 1HP minion take all the hits?

If a 1 health minion is killed by the first hit of Arcane Missiles, it will no longer be a valid target for the remaining missiles.

Zitat von Zeriyah

Well…that’s huge (and makes more sense, balance wise). What about AOE effects, though? Would +1 spellpower give one extra damage to one target, chosen at random, or something else?

For AOE effects, it’s currently a little different. If you have Spellpower +1 and cast Blizzard, it will increase the base damage done overall by one, so Blizzard will do three damage instead of two. Swipe also falls in this category, doing 5 damage to a target and 2 to all other enemies.

Zitat von Zeriyah

Can Shieldbearer attack? He is 0/4 and lets say I want to attack a 1/1 minion.I wont do any damage to it but Shieldbearer will take 1 damage and that will trigger his enrage.Just curious how this works.

Minions with 0 attack cannot attack.

Zitat von Zeriyah

Faceless Manipulator is one of the new cards revealed on Hearthpwn. Here’s my question for you; do you think people have been overlooking this card? I haven’t heard one thing mentioned about it.It’s a 5-cost 3/3 card with the text „Choose a minion and become a copy of it.“.

Note, however, it does NOT say choose an enemy card, which is the implication you might get. This makes it an extremely powerful card potentially. If the enemy has a strong card on the board you can copy it, but you can also copy YOUR OWN powerful card. Imagine the danger of getting 2 Malygos’s on your board, for example, or the annoyance of having 2 Ragnaros smashing stuff up.

Faceless Manipulator can indeed target your own powerful cards, including Legendary cards. I wouldn’t want to deal with two Ragnaros at the same time …

Zitat von Zeriyah

Will I be able to keep my cards in Hearthstone’s Collection Manager in my own specific order?

You won’t be able to move cards around to your liking or order. However, there are many ways Hearthstone allows you to sort cards so you can easily find what you need.

Antworten aus dem Thread „Clarification“

Zitat von Zeriyah

Can Vaporize/Snipe really be baited out by Shamans and Paladins just from a use of their hero power?

Currently, yes. However, Vaporize is changing.

Does Questing Adventurer get buffed twice if you play a Razorfen Hunter?

The „when you play“ term is changing on certain cards to make them more clear as to what is played and what is summoned. „When you play“ will affect cards played from your hand, while „when you summon“ will include minions summoned from other minions. Depending on how Questing Adventurer changes, it would be once from the former or twice if it were the latter. This will also be the case for Edwin VanCleef and other cards of the like.

My opponent has a stealthed 11/11 VanCleef on the board, and that’s his only minion. Can I drop a Mind Control Tech and take Edwin from him, despite stealth?

Mind Control Tech is changing pretty dramatically.

Would a Deadly Shot hit him? (Patient Assassin)

Yes, random spells can still hit Stealthed minions.

Also, according to the definition of stealth, minions can’t be targeted by abilities. If I drop a Patient Assassin, will he still get sniped/vaporized despite stealth?


Zitat von Zeriyah

Also: will the keyword „destroy“ (ie. Deathwing, Doomsayer) kill minions with Commanding Shout up? Probably? What about immune (Bestial Wrath)?

Yes, Deathwing will kill minions with Commanding Shout active. The „destroy“ effect of Deathwing doesn’t count as damage.

Will alextrazsa work on an ice blocked Mage? (Immune effects)

Very good question! We’ll look into what we’ll define as „Immune“. 🙂

What about if you Commanding Shout and bring gurubashi berserker down to 1 health, if you attack him again, does he get +3 attack even though he didn’t really take damage?

Also a very good question! We’ll look into this one. For now, run very fast and very far away from the Gurubashi Berserker under the effects of Commanding Shout. 🙂

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